How to Remove Stains

No carpet is stain proof, although many are treated to be stain resistant which gives you time to act. When you first notice a stain, quickly absorb as much liquid as possible with paper towels, replacing them as they become saturated. Use a blotting action, never a scrubbing motion, to prevent fuzzing the carpet surface. You need the following items for spot cleaning:

• Water
• Detergent
• Household Ammonia
• White Vinegar
• Non-Flammable
  Dry Cleaning Solvent

Stain Treatments
To preserve your carpets, we recommend using certain treatments for each different stain you may encounter. For spilled alcoholic beverages like wine, soft drinks, or blood, use half a teaspoon of clear dishwashing liquid in one quart of water first. Then, use household ammonia, white vinegar, and finally water to soak up and remove the stain.

If candle wax drips onto your floor, freeze the areas with an ice cube, shatter it, and then vacuum it before using the non-flammable dry cleaning solvent. Repeat this process for chewing gum, without the dry cleaning solvent. Clean up food and cosmetic stains with the dry cleaning solvent, then detergent, followed by household ammonia, white vinegar, and water.

Coffee stains are removed with detergent and white vinegar. Oil, grease, and paint need to be cleaned with the dry cleaning solvent, detergent, and then water. Tar is removed with dry cleaning solvent. Clean up urine with detergent, white vinegar, and household ammonia. Food dyes, ink and ballpoint pen stains, plus rust, require professional knowledge or materials. You must be careful when choosing the products to use on your flooring when attempting to treat or remove stains. When in doubt, contact the professionals.

Hazardous Products
Certain products found in most homes can cause irreparable damage to your carpet! Artificially colored powdered beverages, frozen fruit flavored bars, and some liquid medications contain a red food dye that is very difficult or impossible to remove from carpet.

Cleaning products like bleach, tile cleaners, mildew removers, oven cleaners, and drain openers contain very strong chemicals that discolor or dissolve carpet fibers. Acne medications containing benzyl peroxide, which is a very powerful bleach, are capable of permanently damaging your carpet and most other fabrics as well.

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