Kristi's Christmas

Karen Brown's daughter, Kristi, was killed in an accident more than 25 years ago. The woman from Springfield, Virginia, decided she wanted to memorialize her daughter's spirit of giving and love by helping those who were less fortunate than she was.

Kristi, 19, had just completed her first year at the University of Virginia when she was killed in a car accident on the Capital Beltway in June 1987. As a student at West Springfield High School, Kristi had been a member of the Distributive Education Club of America (DECA).

One year, she participated in a club-sponsored Christmas shopping party for some economically disadvantaged youngsters, and it made an impression on her. Her family decided a program modeled after that project would be the perfect way to memorialize her. That was the beginning of  "Kristi's Christmas."

Prayer Warriors
The West Springfield High School chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes holds a weekly prayer huddle, addressing prayer concerns of the school and community. If you have any problems or concerns, feel free to contact us. We collect all of the requests each week and pray at our weekly huddle. 

Contact our flooring contractors in Springfield, Virginia, to learn more about Kristi’s Christmas and our local Prayer Warriors.